Potatoe and Leek Soup

SO EASY potatoe and leek soup
Cook about 6 med. potatoes in a large pot using chicken broth instead of water (there are some great organic, low sodium broths out there in the carton, watch out for chicken broths with msg) - enough broth so that it just covers the potatoes. I don't peel the potatoes, just dig out the eyes. The hardest part about this recipe is cleaning and slicing the leeks. I usually slice the leeks length ways (I don't use the drk green stalks although my m.i.l. totally disagrees with me and thinks I'm being wasteful. Mna do I love to bug her.) Soak them in a salad bowl with cold water for a few minutes, swish and rinse. Finely slice the leeks (about 3 stalks) and then saute them with about 3 tblspns of butter. Once the potatoes are cooked, turn off to let cool so you can blend. I hate to admit this but I once gave myself burns all the way up my arms by trying to puree hot soup in my blender. Thankfully this was before I had monsters running around in my kitchen. Ouch. Not to mention the mess I made all over the ceiling and walls. So now I blend soups in my food processor or, even better by using a hand mixer. After potatoes are mush add leeks and bring back to a simmer. This is when you can fix the consistency and season. Add more chicken broth if too thick or simmer to burn of liquid if you find it too runny. All my kids liked this one, so good with toast or a bit of cheese melted on top. Leeks are yummy.

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