not fired

not fired, originally uploaded by D apostrophe.

i like this piece mostly because of it's movement. it looks like it could run up to you, offer to carry something and then skuddle off. what's it for? what makes it so familiar? it's based off a fossil of a sea sponge. extinct now but once a simple organism that covered our sea floor. it makes me question our own position on this planet.

I've moved!

Well, if you happen to find yourself wandering back hear to see what the monsters are up to, I'm happy to tell you we've moved. During the last 6 months or so, I've been fairly busy with making dolls and have finally figured out a new online home for them. I plan on using the new site for posting recipes once in awhile as well as my creative pursuits so please come on by, it would be lovely to see you there again!


blog? what blog?

The monsters in my kitchen have been especially busy these days and have basically left the kitchen for the great outdoors! With the arrival of summer, preparing meals has become a special challenge of "lets see how quickly and easily I can feed the family." Saying that, I plan on posting some of quick fall backs... grilled cheese anyone anyone?

I have also been using every spare moment to work on creating my "pupa pupa" line of dolls and other fun things for kids. Recently, the dolls have been placed in one of my favorite stores. Hurray! Come late September I will be participating in my first trade show for moms and kids and I'm a little nervous, I'm not sure what to expect. I have also been working hard on a commission for a large painting that has been so much fun creating.

My little girl turned 4 on June 26th. All day I am blessed with her little, squeaky voice constantly asking questions, singing, and of course a fair amount of whining! For her birthday I cooked up a storm for about 40 of the Mr.'s Italian relatives. They can be some tough customers but everyone left happy and definitely stuffed.

It's been hard finding the right balance of being creative and making sure I spend quality time with the kids but with early bed times, I'm managing pretty well. I'm not sure what I'd do if the boys suddenly started giving up their naps. (shudder)

So many projects... I'm grateful for the chance to act on some of them!

So friends, I may slack a little on the sharing of recipes and ideas but check back once in awhile, I'm sure the monsters will allow me to get busy in the kitchen soon!

inspired by

inspired by, originally uploaded by D.Andrea.

the Mr. and I did a little Target shopping and bought an old fashioned ice cream maker a few weeks ago. How did I ever survive without one! This weeks flavour is blueberry inspired by all the bloom'n lilacs. I'm going to be a little lazy and provide the link to the recipe I used. I did add a little chambord and it comes across nicely. Love the colour.

mothers day portrait

mothers day portrait, originally uploaded by D.Andrea.

I wanted to somehow mark the day in my memory and so locked myself in bathroom after we went out for lunch. Without getting all gushy, I just can't believe how much I love being a mom.
Plus, it's not often I wear mascara or a dress..

my heart has wings

has wings, originally uploaded by D.Andrea.

Happy Mother's day.
What more could any mom want...

sock creatures/bean bags

This was really fun for my nearly 4 year old. The boys (2 1/2) got into it a little but they sure enjoyed throwing them around when we finished. I took as many pictures as I could while trying to keep scissors/needle from impaling children but I think it's pretty explanatory!

a few old kid socks
some kind of dried beans, peas or rice (whatever you have the most of, I used split yellow peas)
fabric scraps for eyes (I used felt)
toilet paper roll or cut up a paper towel roll
needle/ thread

cut out eyes

I let d help me sew it on and I have to say she did really well and the smile on her face after she did it was amazing. At one point she says to me "we are makers, right mom?" "yes my sweet, we are."

the boys loved this.. all those split peas in a bowl... your guess, peas stayed in bowl while boys neatly placed into sock or peas were dumped then scattered around family room floor MANY times and I'm still picking peas off feet.


eventually filled (when the boys got bored of this d and I poured them into sock.)

fold off one end of roll and put into sock folded side first. (some peas get caught inside and it aslo makes a fun music maker)

tie off sock with string or if it's long enough into a knot

presto! a little creature to love!

a little parting shot of j during his time out after totally going bezerk with the peas for the umpteenth time.

The kids mostly ran around shaking their 'guys' but we also did some throwing-aim games and then one that we made up that is not unlike botchie-ball.

Love you Mr.

I'm going to gush a little...
In light of all my artistic endeavors happening from the furnace room of our house, the Mr. very graciously cleared out his home office (with the amazing floor to ceiling windows and the view of sweeping willow trees) for me to use as my very own artistic valhalla. Now all my paint, sew, dreaming can happen in one freshly painted white space dedicated to my imagination. SO Mr., thank-you from the bottom of my heart for lifting my spirits and understanding what makes me the best mom, wife and person... Your support means so much to me. I can't begin to describe how great it feels to have such a space to create in after years of tiny walls and frustration. Love you. amore. d'

Ricotta Balls (snicker)

Ohh, these were yum. What I like about them is they are not too fatty (what- frying things in oil is not fatty?) O.k, yeah frying in oil makes things fatty but I figure if you use a decent canola oil and make sure the oil is nice in hot it only really cooks the outside and oil doesn't seep into the food so much. So I wouldn't make them everyday but I sure want too. And I'd like to try out all kinds of variations say, orange peel and white chocolate or almond and cherry... ricotta seems like the perfect conduit of flavour, and then you get deep fried golden ricotta, forget-about-it!

O.k. folks, I lost the original but with the power of memory I'm going to try and remember how it goes as I did make them a few times. and you will too once you taste them!

enough oil to fill a deep heavy bottomed pan about 2 inches (I like canola oil)
1 cup flour
2 teaspoon baking soda
pinch salt
1 1/2 cup soft ricotta
2 tablespoons sugar
2 eggs
2 teaspoon lemon zest (about half a lemon)
icing sugar to dust

mix flour and baking soda, pinch of salt, lemon zest. In separate bowl mix ricotta with eggs. Fold into dry mixture. Form 'blobs' and carefully drop into v hot oil, in batches, working quickly to turn over when brown. When done place on paper towel to catch extra oil then dust generously with icing sugar. These are best eaten right away. I did them for a tea party and placed in warm oven on cookie sheet until we were ready to devour.

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!, originally uploaded by D.Andrea.

have a happy- earthy day!
Going to attempt some earth related activities with kids this aft. and enjoy the beautiful day.