sock creatures/bean bags

This was really fun for my nearly 4 year old. The boys (2 1/2) got into it a little but they sure enjoyed throwing them around when we finished. I took as many pictures as I could while trying to keep scissors/needle from impaling children but I think it's pretty explanatory!

a few old kid socks
some kind of dried beans, peas or rice (whatever you have the most of, I used split yellow peas)
fabric scraps for eyes (I used felt)
toilet paper roll or cut up a paper towel roll
needle/ thread

cut out eyes

I let d help me sew it on and I have to say she did really well and the smile on her face after she did it was amazing. At one point she says to me "we are makers, right mom?" "yes my sweet, we are."

the boys loved this.. all those split peas in a bowl... your guess, peas stayed in bowl while boys neatly placed into sock or peas were dumped then scattered around family room floor MANY times and I'm still picking peas off feet.


eventually filled (when the boys got bored of this d and I poured them into sock.)

fold off one end of roll and put into sock folded side first. (some peas get caught inside and it aslo makes a fun music maker)

tie off sock with string or if it's long enough into a knot

presto! a little creature to love!

a little parting shot of j during his time out after totally going bezerk with the peas for the umpteenth time.

The kids mostly ran around shaking their 'guys' but we also did some throwing-aim games and then one that we made up that is not unlike botchie-ball.

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