Red Lentil Stew

Using a good basic knowledge for soup and stew making, you can find room to make up new recipes depending on what you have hanging around the fridge. I try to use alot of legumes and lentils as they are so good for us. This stew was easy and pretty quick to make as I used small red lentils which don't require soaking over night and cook within a half hour or so. It doesn't look like much (looks mushy and kinda yuch) but once the kids tried a bite they loved it. It's getting that first bite in that's hard so pull out your bag of tricks!

1 large red onion (I like the flavour of r onion the best, but you could use other)
clove of garlic
couple of tomatoes
two handfuls of carrots (I used baby carrots sliced length ways)
two handfuls of french green beans with ends snipped
cup of frozen corn
bag of red lentils
3 chorizzo sausage (I get a really yummy kind that is not spicy. you could use ground turkey, beef, chunks of chicken or just skip the meat)
about 5 cups of organic chicken stock
touch of cinnamon

If your using meat, brown it first in the pot your doing your stew in, after its browned put on a plate and set aside. For the sausage, I cut open the casing and brown the filling, breaking up with spoon while stirring. Chop up the onion and garlic and let simmer in a little olive oil on low. (you can also use a little of the excess fat left from browning meat.) Its important not to burn them as it will really effect the flavour. I like to put on low and place lid part way on to let them sweat a little, cook until onion is transparent, about 5 minutes. Chop up tomato and add to onion mixture, cook untill tomato has pretty much disolved, breaking it up with your wooden spoon while stirring. At this point I add the carrots and sprinkle of cinnamon (and celery if you have.) and let cook a little, about 5 minutes. Rinse your lentils in a large bowl and then add them to stew, stirring it in. Turn heat up a bit and add your chicken stock and meat, bringing it to a boil and then let simmer for about 30 minutes, stirring once in awhile. About 5 minutes before you want to serve it add your corn and beans so they won't be over cooked and nice and crunchy.

I cook alot with my 'le creuset' and find it easy to get most of it ready while the kiddies nap and then pop it in the oven on low for most of the afternoon and then dinner is done. You can do this with any pot really and also a slow cooker if you have one. Get everything simmered and together on the stove top and when your at the part were you bring the mixture to a boil that's when you can pop lid on and into the oven or slow cooker.

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