cheesy chicken breasts

The kids really love this and it's quick to prepare. I originally got the recipe from "Apples for Jam" and I'm not going to copy it out word for word as it's so simple. I like to slice the chicken breasts in half (can be tricky so use a sharp knife) and use thin pieces so it will cook quickly. After pieces are washed and cut dust lightly with some flour and salt if you like, then place in a hot pan with a little hot oil. Place lid on and let brown a couple minutes and flip. Pour a little milk in pan (about 4 tablespoons) turn heat down a little and place lid over. Leave for a few minutes. Slice some cheddar (we love white aged) and place on top of chicken, put lid back on until done. Should only take a few more minutes. I usually serve this with rice and peas. Picky eaters everywhere like this one as it covers the 'all white' prerequisites!

*note to self; a non stick frying pan would sure be easier to wash up*

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