Makin' Shakers!

So this blog is supposed to also have craft ideas of things to do with the wee monsters running around yr kitchens and I've been a bit deliquent in that department. Anyway, with all this heat we've got to do more planned activities inside instead of me trying to work on projects and the monsters getting reckless. So today we made shakers!

These bottles were fun and even the boys really enjoyed making them. We put rocks, sand, feathers, foam stickers, split peas (boys really enjoyed trying to eat them). The dry ones were great music makers and then we made some wet ones with a little water, dish soap, sand and food colouring. Once shaken up they made great coloured bubbles and were lots of fun. Oh- make sure you tape up the tops with some kind of packing tape so your not spending all your time cleaning up. The best part of this activity was marching around the kitchen with our new music maker singing all 10 verses of "the ants go marching".

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