blog? what blog?

The monsters in my kitchen have been especially busy these days and have basically left the kitchen for the great outdoors! With the arrival of summer, preparing meals has become a special challenge of "lets see how quickly and easily I can feed the family." Saying that, I plan on posting some of quick fall backs... grilled cheese anyone anyone?

I have also been using every spare moment to work on creating my "pupa pupa" line of dolls and other fun things for kids. Recently, the dolls have been placed in one of my favorite stores. Hurray! Come late September I will be participating in my first trade show for moms and kids and I'm a little nervous, I'm not sure what to expect. I have also been working hard on a commission for a large painting that has been so much fun creating.

My little girl turned 4 on June 26th. All day I am blessed with her little, squeaky voice constantly asking questions, singing, and of course a fair amount of whining! For her birthday I cooked up a storm for about 40 of the Mr.'s Italian relatives. They can be some tough customers but everyone left happy and definitely stuffed.

It's been hard finding the right balance of being creative and making sure I spend quality time with the kids but with early bed times, I'm managing pretty well. I'm not sure what I'd do if the boys suddenly started giving up their naps. (shudder)

So many projects... I'm grateful for the chance to act on some of them!

So friends, I may slack a little on the sharing of recipes and ideas but check back once in awhile, I'm sure the monsters will allow me to get busy in the kitchen soon!


Teachermom said...

That's a very sweet picture of your little girl.

Are you going to put your dolls on etsy? You should - it seems to be THE place for things like that! :)

I think it's really sweet that your husband cleared out his office for you to explore your creative endeavors. Brownie points for him!

D'Andrea said...

Yes, the dolls are on etsy, there is a link on my side bar- also for my flickr site, another place for me to go and waste time!!

I love my room to be creative in, eternally grateful for the Mr. getting (most of) his stuff out of there.

the Billingtons said...

Did you guys have fun in Quebec?? Hope it was wonderful for you!!